10 tips for losing weight after pregnancy

a photo of a slim mom with babyThis topic concerns most women after pregnancy including me. I have to honestly admit that gaining few pounds during within the last months bothers me a lot. This is new to me as a problem of weight loss was not something that would cross my mind in the past. I have always been quite slim. I’m not an expert but as necessity aroused I had to take action. After spending some time reading about it I came up with a plan specifically for new moms and based on scientific facts. Here are my ten tips for weight loss after pregnancy:

  1. Eat from a smaller plate. Psychologists discovered that you judge the size of the portion of the plate relative to the size of the plate it is served. So a 5 ounce portion of salad on a large plate will look tiny and you are likely to put more food on that plate, whereas the same portion on a tiny plate will look huge and will definitely be enough.
  2. The same meals you would eat hot try eating cold. Not all of them but there is a mechanism in our brain that will allow to you to feel full quicker with cold meal. Or maybe it just does not taste good. Anyway you end up eating less and this is important.
  3. Use colors. Eat from a red plate. Scientist are sure that it works but the explanation is unclear for me. It was found that that you tend to eat less from a red plate. The food is supposed to look less tempting. I personally haven’t this to be true in my case but supposedly there are some studies supporting this claim.
  4. Eat naked. If after pregnancy you feel uncomfortable with your body you will spend less time eating.
  5. Instafood may help you get back to shape. Take a picture and share everything you ate on instagram. Surely you will think twice before eating a snack.
  6. Use a mirror. Scientist from University of Iowa found that you tend to eat less if you see yourself eating. They say it makes us more conscious as to what we eat and why we eat. This makes us eat ⅓ less of high energy foods.
  7. Use the other hand. If you are right handed use your left hand. This will cut down on the instinctive reach for food once it’s there. Try to imagine eating popcorn with your left hand – isn’t so easy is it?
  8. Sleep more. I know it is easy to say when carrying for a newborn but sleep is important to make better choices. More reasonable choices. It will benefit both your dieting choices and the way you care for your baby. Also, when you sleep you don’t eat.
  9. Lower the temperature in your sleeping room. It will speed up metabolism and you will lose more calories. It’s also healthy to sleep in lower temperatures.
  10. Walk. When you breastfeed your baby or just keep her in your arms walk. As a new mother you probably don’t have too much time for physical activities but this you can easily do even at home. It won’t burn hundred calories an hour but it’s still better than nothing.

First post, high hopes, lots of dilemmas

I recently gave birth to my baby girl Amelia. Despite I’ve read tons of books I feel so unprepared. She is my first child and many say that this is always a case with first child. This doesn’t change the fact that I feel so uncertain and thus uncomfortable. The questioned that arises everyday may feel petty for some but this is my reality now. It is important for me to know the answer to these questions. In couple of years Amelia will be asking me about the world around and I hope I would be able to uncover the “great secrets” of our world  for her. However, at the moment I wish somebody could definitively answer my questions about parenthood and baby care. I want to make sure that I do everything 100% right. I ask around and read countless articles which satisfy my inborn crave for knowledge and thus makes me feel in charge. Answering dilemmas such as what exactly is the right amount of milk she should drink a day, what is the ideal time for feeding, how often should she poo and so on became my most concerning matters in life. Once I go along with my parenting journey and gain the knowledge the makes me sleep better I’m going to share it here.