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When the birthday comes – tips for successful party

An image of Children having a partyLast week we briefly visited my sister during her son’s birthday party. I was impressed how she organized and held a party for twenty five-year-olds. I have to admit I was impressed. I decided to take some notes for the future. Below are my thoughts on how I envisage my future parties and the ideas I’m going to steal from my sister. I hope I would be able to make is as stress and hassle free as she did.

  1. Have everything planned in advance. This may sound trivial but if you think you can make up a game for 20 kids on a spot you are mistaken. If you plan some coloring games make sure you have all printed out in advance. MAKE SPARE COPIES. Some kids will lose or brake theirs and you have to handle the situation. Do not count on making something in the morning the same day – you will need this time for last preparations.
  2. Prepare a detailed agenda. Kids must be occupied at all times. Remember that the attention span of a 5-year-old is quite short so instead of 45 minute activities prepare something for 15 minutes.
  3. Keep food simple and serve “kids” meals. Ask parents in advance about any allergies. Do not give them too much choice – they will not be able to choose.
  4. Arrange a set time for pick up. Ask parents to come for the kids at the same time. Some kids will feel uncomfortable when they see a friend with his parents and his/hers are not there yet.

How to cut baby’s nails wihout loosing sanity?

baby nails cuttingI have decided to publicly share my challenges victories and failures in my motherhood endeavors. Maybe some solutions I came up with or found in the web become useful for you. I thought that after reading few books I will be well prepared for any situation. I was so wrong.

Today I realized that it’s a long journey ahead of me and in fact despite having some theoretical knowledge I need to quickly gain some experience. In most books cutting baby’s nails is described as an easy manual task. It obviously wasn’t that easy for me. I waited till the second month as advised in most books and online articles. But these sources say nothing what to do if the baby doesn’t want to cooperate. Amelia is scared of the process of cutting her nails. Obviously at her age any common sense explanations are pointless. I tried to show her that I cut my nails and I’m fine but this doesn’t work either. When she sees scissors she starts crying and that is pretty much the any of any nail cutting.

My solution

The only solution I came up with is to cut them while she’s asleep. Sometimes it wakes her up but it’s the only solution I have at the moment. Maybe when she is older I’ll try introducing some games.

First post, high hopes, lots of dilemmas

I recently gave birth to my baby girl Amelia. Despite I’ve read tons of books I feel so unprepared. She is my first child and many say that this is always a case with first child. This doesn’t change the fact that I feel so uncertain and thus uncomfortable. The questioned that arises everyday may feel petty for some but this is my reality now. It is important for me to know the answer to these questions. In couple of years Amelia will be asking me about the world around and I hope I would be able to uncover the “great secrets” of our world¬† for her. However, at the moment I wish somebody could definitively answer my questions about parenthood and baby care. I want to make sure that I do everything 100% right. I ask around and read countless articles which satisfy my inborn crave for knowledge and thus makes me feel in charge. Answering dilemmas such as what exactly is the right amount of milk she should drink a day, what is the ideal time for feeding, how often should she poo and so on became my most concerning matters in life. Once I go along with my parenting journey and gain the knowledge the makes me sleep better I’m going to share it here.