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Struggling with baby colic – change your baby bottles

colicy babyEvery parent who ever experienced their baby having colic knows this horror. For the last couple of weeks we had almost sleepless nights because our daughter was crying 4-6 hours a night. I thought that this is impossible but it seems that when a baby is in pain she just would not go to sleep. According to our pediatrician the most possible reason behind this was colic. I’ve heard a lot about colicy babies and read a lot about this condition but up till now we were unaffected. Unfortunately about three weeks ago my daughter got really colicy.

First reaction

I initially thought that she might got allergic to something and started to eliminate various foods from my diet. After substantially reducing the pool of foodstuffs I eat we came to a conclusion that it had to be something else. We went to see our doctor.

What to do?

Once we discovered it was probably the colic we started doing soothing massages and paid particular attention to her being burped after each feeding. We were also advised to change bottles. The Tommee Tippee bottles we used until than were great but might have not efficiently prevent air bubble swallowing.

What bottles to use for colicy babies?

It seems like there are several great bottles on the market that can substantially reduce occurrence of colic. They have special air vents that minimize creation of vacuum inside the bottle. By far the most advanced anti-colic system can be found in Dr Brown’s bottles. They feature a special straw like system inside a bottle that transport the air from the outside to the inside of the bottle and thus equalize air pressure. You can find more about Dr Brown bottles in here: Top 10 Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies. You can also find some useful tips about choosing a right nipple for babies who are majorly breastfed.

Did it help?

There are no clear reasons why a baby may develop colic nor 100% sure remedies. We did our best to help her (and ourselves) and eventually got things under control. About two days after we switched to dr Brown’s bottles her symptoms significantly lessened. This might or might not be a coincidence but we decided to stay with these bottles, at least for now.

We still have occasional 1 hour crying session in the middle of the night probably caused by colic but it’s much better now. As colic usually affect babies up to 6 months old we stay positive and hope that her and ours sleepless and painful nights are soon over.


Reasons your baby is crying and and ways to help them

There is probably nothing more frustrating for new parents to see their baby crying. During the first days due to lack of experience some people even panic because of this. Over time you become more familiar with your baby behavior, needs and ways to care for her. Knowing the reasons of your baby cry may help you to act more accordingly and reduce or eliminate the discomfort they feel. There are several reasons why babies cry and they can be put in order according to their frequency.

Most frequent reasons causing babies to cry

There are three most frequent reasons that babies cry, they may be:

  1. hungry,
  2. tired,
  3. wet.
Size of a newborn’s stomach. Image from:

The most common reason is obviously the feeling of hunger. Due to the size of their stomach newborns have to eat every two hours. Therefore every two hours they will communicate that it’s time for feeding, and because the only way they can communicate is by crying they will do just that.
Crying of being tired is the second most common reason. Babies, and especially newborns, have to sleep for most part of their life. It is as crucial for their development as food. However infants in most cases can’t just go to sleep and have to be actively put to sleep by parents. If they are awake for too long they will let you know that they need their sleep and they will not hesitate to do it quite loudly.
Being wet is the third most common reason babies cry. This is rather obvious no one would like to sit in their urine or poop.

Less frequent reasons

There are also other reasons your baby may cry and they fall into one of the two categories:

  • frustration,
  • illness.

For the baby everything around is new and exciting. The environment can actually be even too exciting and the baby will experience too much stimuli. This over-stimulation often cause discomfort and frustration thus cry. Another reason for being frustrated is inability to control their own body. Especially newborns have tendency to move around their limbs without any control over them. This provide additional stimulation and may cause frustration.

When your child is ill they experience discomfort or pain and they announce it they only way they can. In most cases they cry sounds different and you will know straight away that something may be wrong. If after eliminating other reasons you think your baby may be ill do not hesitate and seek professional help.

It is important to remember that when your baby is crying it is very unlikely they experience some excruciating pain. Almost certainly they are trying to communicate some of their needs and because cry is the only way of communication they have in their repertoire they are using it. Some parents claim that over time they learned to differentiate between the hunger cry, being wet cry and being tired cry as they are supposedly sound different.