Protect your baby from passive smoking

no smokingI recently read an article about an effect that passive smoking have on children and have to say that I’m worried. The data is just shocking. I didn’t know that if you don’t smoke yourself you can still be affected so badly. What I also learned is that there is no risk-free level of exposure to cigarette smoke. Even faintest amount of smoke cause harm. There is thousands of different chemicals in cigarette smoke and couple of hundred of them are harmful to humans. There are number of studies support the claim that even passive smoking is bad for your health. In babies it can cause serious diseases and even increase the possibility of sudden death.

The most common health problems in children associated with passive smoking are:

  • asthma attacks;
  • infection of respiratory tract;
  • infections of ear;
  • slower development of lungs;
  • sudden infant death syndrome.

in adults there are more studies and second hand smoking have been confirmed to cause:

  • coronary heart diseases;
  • strokes;
  • cancer.

There is an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome in women that were inhaling cigarette smoke during pregnancy even if it was just passive smoking. Additionally it was found that the smoke affects infants brains and cause difficulty breathing.

What can you do to protect your baby?

  1. If you go out with your baby make sure the places you are in are for non smokers only. There are still states where smoking in public is allowed so be aware.
  2. Do not allow anyone to smoke inside a car when your baby is there.
  3. Do not allow anyone to smoke in your home.
  4. If you visit someone let them know about your “non-smoking around my baby” policy.

More information about the impact of passive smoking can be found here:


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