Get organized before you start breastfeeding

I was afraid, is not scared of breastfeeding. As an owner of quite small breasts I wasn’t sure if I can produce enough milk. I didn’t want to my baby to starve. On the other hand all the benefits of breastfeeding are so tempting that I wanted to give it a try. I was well prepared both with knowledge and equipment. I knew how it should look like and how it may look like. I was prepared for some minor complications and I had a formula milk at hand should something had gone wrong. Among the products I bought in advance were special nursing bras, lactation pump, bottles for milk, formula milk and bra pads. The nursing bras were a bless for me. They seem to be just a fancy toy but believe me when you sleep two hours a day even the smallest help is well appreciated. It was excellent idea to have everything prepared in advance as once the baby is at home you somehow have no time for anything. Some of the stuff I bought were unused (gave it to my sister) but I can’t image what would happened if I forgot something.breastfeeding mom

The first few weeks of breastfeeding went quite smoothly. I was getting just enough milk to feed my daughter. Didn’t pump the milk as there was just not enough. About week five a had a two day period when I just didn’t produce any milk. I quickly switched to formula milk. Fortunately Amelia was old enough to start drinking from the bottle. I used a special slow flow bottle and probably thanks to this there was no problem to get her back to breastfeeding. I was afraid that if she try the bottle once she wouldn’t want to go back to breastfeeding. Probably the slow flow bottle made the trick. They are designed in the way to imitate the flow of milk in a breast.

I have to say that the key element is successful start of breastfeeding your baby is organization. The better organized you are the easier it will go. You have to ready for such eventualities as periodical lack of milk or sore nipples. You have to have a ready solutions for such situations before they appear.


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