How to cut baby’s nails wihout loosing sanity?

baby nails cuttingI have decided to publicly share my challenges victories and failures in my motherhood endeavors. Maybe some solutions I came up with or found in the web become useful for you. I thought that after reading few books I will be well prepared for any situation. I was so wrong.

Today I realized that it’s a long journey ahead of me and in fact despite having some theoretical knowledge I need to quickly gain some experience. In most books cutting baby’s nails is described as an easy manual task. It obviously wasn’t that easy for me. I waited till the second month as advised in most books and online articles. But these sources say nothing what to do if the baby doesn’t want to cooperate. Amelia is scared of the process of cutting her nails. Obviously at her age any common sense explanations are pointless. I tried to show her that I cut my nails and I’m fine but this doesn’t work either. When she sees scissors she starts crying and that is pretty much the any of any nail cutting.

My solution

The only solution I came up with is to cut them while she’s asleep. Sometimes it wakes her up but it’s the only solution I have at the moment. Maybe when she is older I’ll try introducing some games.


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